A Pint of Boddingtons Sir?

Who would have thought twelve months later and 13,000km of cycling. Anything is achievable.

In March 2010 I contacted Karl Murray (Exceed Coaching), cycling coach extraordinaire, asking for help to reduce weight. I have always liked cycling but never really given it a good nudge until now. I sent the photo on the left to Karl showing him what he was up against. So with a $450 Trek 1000 bike off Trademe, one pair of Cycling shorts and a tight jersey I went round to Karl’s studio for a bike fit, even that made me puff. After some frank home truths about eating and drinking and the Taupo cycle challenge as a target, Karl set me a new program which did not include drinking beer. This was a big ask. So with a new program and an offer from his good friend and fellow cyclist Marion to ride around the water front on Friday morning away we went complete with a Training Peaks package, there was nothing stopping me, all I had to do was focus on the cycling.


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