At One With The Bike - Claire

Hi Karl,

I noticed a difference in my riding the first ride after the bike fit. I feel so much more "at one" with the bike and the results are demonstrating this - I am riding consistently faster than what I have ever done before. I appreciate your openness and willingness to get me back on track. Cycling is my weakest discipline, out of the three Tri legs, and it was weighing on me. Now I have more confidence that I can do better - thank you.


Huge Improvement - Richard

Hi Karl

The new setup feels like a huge improvement. Everything you said it would be. I'm on top of my pedals; breathing is easier; engaging the core seems more obvious; I can hold my form and ride from the belly button down; I can get more aerodynamic; and the body is less taxed at the end of it all. Combined with the new pedals and cleats (they feel superb, too) hopefully it translates into a few more watts.

Thanks again. Richard

Immediate Difference - Doug

Hi Karl,

I did the 100k Flyer (Rotorua to Taupo) today - virtually pain-free! Set-up has made a massive and immediate difference in 24 hours, thanks! Very happy.


Instant Success - John Hunter

Hi Karl,

I am very pleased with the fit you have done for me. The saddle and shoe inserts are excellent, I feel a lot more stable and after 8 sessions on the bike have had no “niggles” due to the changes. It is so noticeable on the windtrainer & on road that you should be getting at least 4 referrals so far from fellow triathletes.

Thanks very much



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