Paula McCoy

I started being coached by Karl at the beginning of 2010.

Since Karl has been my coach I have improved so much, not only performance and results which speak for themselves, but the weekly contact and advice that is given as well. Karl provides advice on nutrition and race tactics for every race I do.

I would like to say that Karl is such a dedicated and committed coach that he always wants to know what’s up with your body , and how you are feeling and coping with training weekly. The online training programme he provides is fantastic and lets you know your weekly progress.

I also purchased a power metre in March which was awesome as. The power meter shows how much I have improved since starting with Karl. My FTP (functional threshold power) has improved by over 40watts, so this just goes to show how much my performance has increased since starting with Karl.

2009 BEFORE Karl:

  • C  Grade at counties racing
  • Auckland Half Distance 15th
  • TT time for 16km- 25mins-26mins

2010 With Karl as my coach:

  • Hub Tour 6th (GC)
  • Bev May 5th GC        including 3rd place on stage three
  • B Grade at counties racing
  • Auckland Half Distance Champs – 2nd
  • TT time for 16km- 23mins

I would recommend Karl as a coach, he’s an awesome guy and really passionate about what he does.

Paula McCoy

Nick Lovegrove

I began focusing solely on bike racing in March 2008 after 2 years of triathlon and have been an Exceed Coaching client since June 2008. 

As I have a fairly demanding full time job and other interests, it is important for me to get the maximum benefit from the few training hours that I have available during the week.  Karl’s programs are designed with this in mind and his coaching (which includes advice on nutrition, gear selection and race day tactics) have taken me from B grade to A grade with the odd podium placing along the way.  I would not have been able to progress to this level as quickly as I have without Karl’s coaching.

I think that bike riders at any level would benefit from the services of an expert coach and I highly recommend Karl, especially if you have limited training hours available.

Nick Lovegrove

Fraser Bermingham

I have been cycling competitively for three years. The first year was without a coach the second with one and the third with Karl. The difference between the first two years and third year with Karl has been huge. Before Karl I used to scan magazine articles and websites for information and sought advice off people who claimed to know what they were talking about.  This resulted in conflicting information taking me down blind alleys  before ending up where I started. I simply rode my bike with no clear aim and unsure of whether what I was doing was beneficial or making full use of my limited training time.

However, since starting with Karl the improvements have been massive.

Karl has a wealth of race proven knowledge across many areas including training, equipment selection, bike fitting, nutrition, full body conditioning and race tactics – all of which he is eager to part with.

His online training programs can be adjusted and tweaked based on feedback given after each training session and his regular communication through phone, email and in person adds a personal touch that leaves me with no doubt that he has my best interests at heart and enjoys watching me achieve my goals as much as I do myself.

Fraser Bermingham

Ben Evans

I have been coached by Karl since December 2007.The benefits of being coached are immeasurable.There are 2 important points:Firstly, Karl is a great guy.Secondly, my results, which are measurable, speak for themselves:


          (No Coach) 2007 (Coached) 2008
Tour of Northland 22nd to  3rd 
Club Nationals (M1 RR) 18th to Bronze 
NZ Level Club Racing  B-Grade A-Grade 
Club Handicap  Break to Scratch
Hell of the North 16th (2006) to Winner
Tour of New Caledonia  18th 
Auckland  1000  7th 
Taupo-Napier Classic  9th
K2 (Elite) 7th
NPS  5th

Simon Nunns

I come from a completely non-athletic background and took up cycling in mid 2008 (at the age of 41) as a way to get fit and lose weight. By early 2009 it became clear that if I wanted to improve I needed to take a structured approach to riding. That’s where Karl Murray came in. Karl designed a program that fitted around my busy work schedule, which enhanced the things I was good at and targeted the things that I wasn’t. By the end of 2009 I was a competitive B Grade club racer, had come 3rd in Masters 2 in the Auckland Club Road Race Champs, had come 2nd in the Masters section of the evil GWaLoop Cycle Challenge and I was able to comfortably ride under 6 hours in K2. A bicycle crash in November 2009 left me with a broken collar bone and a shattered pelvis. After that Karl developed a program for me aimed at rebuilding lost muscle mass and increasing core strength. By mid 2010 the hard work stated to pay off. My TT times were improving and I was able to participate in club racing again. After my crash I could barely walk. With Karl’s help, within six months, I was able to be a competitive bike racer again.  I highly recommend Karl to all bike riders. It doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete or an enthusiastic beginner, Karl Murray has the ability and experience to create a program that will yield tangible gains in a very short period of time. 

Simon Nunns: Winemaker Coopers Creek Vineyard Ltd

Rachel Larner

Rachel is a Personal Trainer specializing in Home Training, Core and Flexibility :

If you are looking to improve your skills on the bike, to increase your cycle fitness..if you want to race and enjoy racing because you are fit enough to play the game and not just hang on panting…if you want to ride like a Roadie,and be the best Cyclist you can be then Karl Murray is the coach for you.

In 3 years of training with Karl, I have learnt to Race. I train effectively  to both maximise my strengths and eliminate weakness. I  ride intensely when I need to and to recover properly. I have learnt to make the most ofsituations where  I am defeated on the day, but can learn valuable lessons from the experience. More importantly I have learnt how to Win. If you are willing to listen to the wealth of knowledge that has come from a long and successful cycling career, and put your time and energy in to following Karl’s training programs, you will share the same exciting results that I have experienced since starting with Exceed Coaching, Lower HR with effort, increased speed, placing regularly in Club and one day Races, fantastic experiences on multi-stage Tours, and the pinnacle for me, A Double National title in Time trial and Road race 2010 and my Silver and Bronze medals from the UCI world masters Road Champs….I could go on and on.Karl’s passion for riding is infectious…and he genuinely cares for the wellbeing and success of those he coaches.

As a Fitness Professional myself, it is a joy to come across such a dedicated Coach.

Rachel Larner

Cindy Taylor

After many years of doing triathlons and time trials on a conventional road frame, and on the advice of a fast and famous friend, who told me “if you are interested in going faster, buy a proper TT frame”.  Well!  In April I got the frame of my dreams, and TT bars, set everything up to emulate the road frame position I had been having reasonable success with, and yep!! Uncomfortable and bloody slow, I was devasted, and  as I was going to the World Olympic distance Triathlon champs in Aussie in September, decided on seeing an advertisement in the VO2 max magazine, by Karl Murray, and knowing of his achievements in cycling, decided that he was the man! if any to get a bikefit from. 

Time was short, and Karl did, what for me mentally was pretty radical, higher seat, new seat, (I was pretty attached to my existing one), cleat position changed, and new and different TT bars, which actually were nicer looking than my first choice, but extremely functional, allowing me to have options on the positions, which is a biggy as I have an old knackered shoulder, that only goes to limited range. Well!, that seat height made a huge difference to my power output, the ugly seat  became comfortable and perfect and painless for the position I needed, and the bars were the most comfortable I have ever been in an aero position, the shoulder was happy and I knew I would be able to do half ironmans and longer tts  with no shoulder pain a huge thing for me!. Karl was quick and efficient, saving money where possible, and fussy, and  as I am fussy with the finishing touches, this was great, and my husband breathed a sigh of relief. 

I did as many races, duathlons and road tts on the new frame, to get totally happy with it, and although  initially dubious had really great bike splits, this made me feel very  optimistic towards my race in Aussie, and really looking forward to the bike leg.As it transpired I had one of the best races of  my life, with an excellent bike split that had me off the bike 5 minutes ahead of the next competitor. I ended up with Silver after leading for more than ¾ of the race, pity Karl couldn’t do run fits!!!!! 

His advice on nutrition helped me along the way too, and during the race, and I had thought I knew enough already! 

Anyone thinking of a bike fit should go and see Karl, it has been worth the money and travel, and saved so much in all other ways. 

Cindy Taylor  of Te Puke

Marion Webb

I started being coached by Karl in October 2006 and it is hard to believe the change it has made to my cycling. As I have a tendency to over train it was important to find a coach that understood my motivation and could write a programme that suited me. Having a programme that is based on heart rate really works for me and ensures I am not trying to go hard out the whole time. I have always found that my monthly programme is tailored to up coming events and my preparation is always bang on. Karl identified that my strength was time trials and this has been factored into my programme and my primary focus is on the time trial at the Nationals – something I would never have thought possible a year ago.

The results speak for themselves, and include:

* Improvement of 35 minutes on the previous year’s time for the Auckland Cycle Challenge. (100km) – 3rd in age group
* Overall winner of first two club races in grade
* Yellow jersey holder in grade after stage one of the Tour of Taranaki
* Bronze Medal in the Road Race at the 2007 NZ Club Championships.
* Gold Medal in the NZ Masters Games ITT and Road Race
* Auckland, Waikato and Wanganui time trial champion
* Silver medal in the ITT at the 2008 NZ club Championships
* First in age group and third female overall in the K1
* First female in masters division at Bike the Lake for the last two years
* Improvement of nearly three minutes for waterfront time trial

I would have no hesitation in recommending Karl as a coach. The results will be amazing provided that the programme is followed and advice is taken on board.

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